Our store promotes beautiful unusual jewellery gifts, of all types from charms for bracelets, silver necklaces for women, to engagement, wedding and diamond rings, for men, women and children, and watches to suit every budget from leading retailers many exclusive offers only available on-line. Follow @jewellery_store

As Featured On EzineArticles   MyJewelleryStore is owned and operated by Michelle Michaelis who has had many years experience in retail jewellery gifts, exhibiting at Agricultural Shows and Craft Fairs.

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Welcome to our site! our home page shows some of our most popular items. Our site is updated  on a regular basis to give you the best deals from our selected retailers. They have special offers which you can only find on-site and are which are often not available in high street shops.

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Our store promotes beautiful unusual jewellery gifts, of all types from charms for braceletssilver necklaces for women, to engagement, wedding and diamond rings, for men, women and children, and  watches to suit every budget.

Our aim is to introduce you to retailers and producers, some of whom are household names, while some of them you may never have heard of. But all of them are special, and offer beautiful unique jewellery gifts and watches on our site. Please feel free to browse, and if anything takes your fancy, remember that ordering is safe and easy online.
We have been in the world of giftware retailing for over 20 years, and welcome the chance to move into online retail with these fine items. We hope you will find what you are looking for, and we welcome your comments!

A Brief History.

Jewellery history and the giving of  Gifts, goes back many centuries, evolving from shells, animal teeth, and other objects used as adornment in prehistoric times. It started in Egypt, Italy, China and South and Central America approximately 5000 years ago.  In ancient Greece, beads shaped as natural forms like shells, flowers and beetles were manufactured on a large scale.  Beautiful and delicate necklaces and earrings were found in burial sites in Northern Greece.  By 300 BC the Greeks were making multi coloured jewellery and used emeralds, garnets, amethysts and pearls.   They also used coloured stones, glass and enamel.  Carved cameos of Indian Sardonyx (a striped brown pink and cream agate stone) along with filigree work were widely made.  Beads were made by joining two flat pieces and filling them with sand. The Romans continued these skills.

Over the centuries it came to be a sign of social or religious rank. In Renaissance Italy, jewellery making reached the status of a fine art with many Italian sculptors training. From the 17th century the decorative function of jewellery again came to the fore, overshadowing its symbolic significance.

 By 1860, industrialization in Britain brought jewellery within the reach of the middle class by creating mass production processes. Changing social conditions and the onset of the Industrial Revolution also led to growth of a middle class that wanted and could afford jewellery. As a result, the use of industrial processes, cheaper alloys, and stone substitutes led to the development of paste or costume jewellery, a process that is still going on today. Victorian designs are similar as we have nowadays, mostly gold and diamond jewellery with rose and round brilliant cut diamonds, and cross, heart and snake motifs were popular. Victorian jewellers used to combine silver  with silver on the top to emphasise clarity of diamonds.

However, in jewellery design the focus was often on the past. Classical styles were popular, evoking the glories of ancient Greece and Rome. This interest in antiquities was stimulated by fresh archaeological discoveries. Designers attempted to revive ancient techniques and made jewellery that imitated, or was in the style of, archaeological jewellery. Alternatively,the Arts and crafts movement began as a reaction to mass-produced jewellery. Artistic style, individuality and philosophy were typical for adornments created by followers of this movement. Unlike the Victorian mainstream gold-diamond items, they used semi-precious gemstones and preferred cabochon cut rather than faceted stones. This movement gave birth to the beautiful Art Nouveau style, organic and nature motifs, stylish female figure and leaves motifs, and asymmetric designs dominated this style.

During the 1920's, the Art Deco style developed, featuring geometric shapes, linear design and bold patterns and colours.  Big, massive stones, surrounded by multiple diamonds set in yellow gold were popular during all the Vintage period. New materials such as plastic and bakelite were widely used in custom jewellery.

By the 1960's and 70's,  people preferred ethnic motifs, Eastern and Indian inspired design. Ornamental, folk-style adornments became popular. Colourful cabochon cut stones, silver and basic metals were used. Wristwatches became part of jewellery art.
       The 1980's brought another change of direction in design and fashion. The metal itself, not the gem stones, now played a major role. Link bracelets and chains with soft rounded geometry, twisted necklaces, all this in great Italian style, was popular along with power dressing. By the  1990's, white gold and platinum, white and black colour diamonds came to fashion. Delicate sized tasteful earrings and rings usually in white gold became common. However ethnic and Indian motifs came back ,especially in custom jewellery. Creative animal or fish figurines spread with small pave set gemstones usually in white gold were typical for this period.
          One word can define the jewelry of 21-st century; that word is 'eclectic'. All styles are acceptable, and are slowly coming back. Technology of rapid prototyping and 3d modelling allows a designer to create anything and reproduce it in metal. Custom jewellery reaches very high quality and low price. Look at our site www.myjewellerystore.co.uk for examples of unusual jewellery from some of the best known retailers in the UK!

Never mind the old cliche, 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend', we all know how desirable diamonds are. For a piece of what is basically old carbon, there is more written about diamond than almost any other gemstone put together. It isn't even particularly rare, and there are plenty available on our site! The appeal of diamond is eternal, and never goes out of fashion - it is simply re-invented to suit another generation.
One of the nicest ways to display a beautiful set of gemstones is as a pair of earrings. Earrings are very versatile and can be worn as studs, hoops, clusters and drop pearl earrings.
Necklaces are popular with all ages, and can be subtle or full of 'bling'! Normally 16'' to 20'' in length, though a 14'' to 15'' is available and this is known as a 'choker' because it sits high around the neck. Necklaces are normally made of gold, silver, titanium or platinum and in some places can be brought by the inch. Our retailers carry a wide selection of silver necklaces for women suitable for everybody, so have a look. 
A pendant is used to show off a particular gem or setting, rather than a whole cluster of stones. It differs from a necklace in that it allows more movement and flexibility, thus showing off facets of colour and light to best advantage. Pendants can also be worn as talismans, for healing, well-being and protection. Initials are popular, as are names or those which denote status: e.g. 'World's Best Mum'.  Have a look at ours!
Wedding rings, unusual engagement rings, eternity rings, friendship rings...the list goes on! Of great antiquity, the Romans loved rings so much they wore them on every finger and even on the thumbs! They are the most obvious piece of jewellery because we use our hands all the time so they are always on display. I love rings and have a few favourites which I swap around all the time to match what I'm wearing.
A real variety, from delicate links in spun silver or gold for women, to big chunky blocks of gold or titanium for guys! A chain can be worn by itself, or several together - think Mr.T! Seriously, mens gold chains are versatile, and can be worn short or long, with a pendant or charms, or on its own. Our site has hundreds of desirable chains to suit every lifestyle and every pocket, so feel free to treat yourself or someone you love!
Where to begin?! Charm bracelets and necklaces are so popular now, for everyone from girls, women and men. It's a wonderful way to personalise your own jewellery, making any statement you choose! Or indeed, to pick out something individual for someone special, whether as a token of love, or to commemorate a milestone in their lives. And you can spend just what you can afford, adding charms as your funds permit!
Brooches are one of those fashion items which tend to go in and out of fashion as the mood changes, but I have always liked them as a 'statement piece', since a fine eye-catching brooch can really set off an outfit. They are often worn on a coat, or sometimes worn to fasten a scarf in place. One friend used to wear an enormous spider, with the body made of a large moonstone. Not to everyone's taste perhaps, but insects in general have always been popular, especially with the Victorians.
Ladies watches
Functional and beautiful, ladies watches can be worn with any outfit. More than just a means of telling the time, the classic ladies watch enhances as a piece of jewellery. We have a wide choice of both ladies and mens watches on our site, in every design from funky to traditional, analogue to digital, expensive to value-for-money! Please take a look!
Mens watches

Men are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a watch. You can have the latest designs or go for the more traditional timepiece with Roman numerals. There are different types of watch, from the diver's watch, to the sports watch and everything else in between! We have all these, in every price range,.......so feel free to spoil yourself!

Pandora Jewellery

One of the most popular trends in Pandora chains and Pandora jewellery these days are charm bracelets, although in fact they were fashionable in Victorian times. Even so there is a wonderful choice available today, with something for everyone. You can personalise them to suit your own interests and hobbies, or they make wonderful gifts that can be added to as necessary. This means that you can spread the cost by buying one charm at a time as the mood or the occasion suits. Also you can choose to have a charm necklace. The same rules apply!

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